The firm

This study is one of the largest and oldest law firms in the province of Jujuy. Founded in 1969 by Dr. Fernando Raul Manuel Zurueta, who has won a renowned and prestigious in the middle.

The staff is completed with lawyers Business Law, Banking, Damages, Administrative, Tax and the various branches of law, capable of providing solutions and service excellence to the many issues surrounding the business activity.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive service quality and putting the company at the forefront of legal knowledge. By quality we mean the provision of a creative legal service, reliable, flexible and effective, creating value for our customers on the basis of our commitment to their success.

So we ve developed the legal prevention, through constant preventive legal legal advice and consideration of the conflict or potential conflict from the start, trying to avoid higher costs to the company and reduce conflict.

Parallel to the advice of highly complex and sophisticated, this study manages a substantial portfolio of trials. For this task we have designed business processes and information tailored to the needs trained human resources, and appropriate technology to meet customer needs quickly, reliably and efficiently.

We have an important building infrastructure, where we found several offices, conference rooms, and all the amenities necessary for customer satisfaction and proper care of matters at our expense.

The firm has correspondents in major cities of the country (Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, etc.). Who in their places of prestige and are able to provide a legal service of high performance, tailored to the requirements of company today.

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